Sadhu Lynching v/s George Floyd !!

Is Sadhu Lynching not Fancy enough? First of all, Is it the right question to ask? and Is the portrayal of celebrities/leaders who voiced out their opinion in George Floyd's case and had a muted response on the lynching issue as hypocrites correct? If we look at the broad picture, these 2 incidents are completely different and need different approaches to address them. when we look at the incident which happened in Gadchinchale village in Palghar district, one can observe the ongoing rumors of organ harvesting gangs, child-lifters, and thieves in that village and on top of that, 93% of the population in that village are Scheduled Tribes who are very perceptive of outsiders. even before there are many such incidents in nearby areas. local activist and his team were attacked when they went to deliver essentials during lockdown; police team led by an Additional SP, which had ventured into the nearby Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, was also attacked by local villagers. even if celebrities tweet it or voice out the opinions, there is hardly a minuscule chance to reach the targeted audience (scheduled tribes)

Whereas in the case of George Floyd, It is the failure of the system. Police who are supposed to maintain law & order acted in bad faith against law that too in broad daylight publicly. It is the break down of the system and to stop such brutalities and correct such failures in democracy, there should be pressure on the government by protests and voicing out opinions in public platforms. whatever the reason may be Killing or Lynching is both illegal and unethical and all lives matter.we should not see this Palghar incident as sadhu lynching. coincidentally, it was sadhu but there can be anyone in their place.

"sadhus got lynched but they were not lynched because they were sadhus"

we should not fixate on sadhus here. why should we paint religion on every issue? the underlying problem is different. It needs to be addressed by changing the mob mentality and via increasing awareness among the tribal populations by conducting required programs/camps. if you keep on protesting for every small and isolated incidence, 365 days in a year won't be enough. Given a choice, we have to choose the ones that bring out needed reforms in the system.

check out this link to know more about the issue

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